Oct 22, 2018

Just sipping tea with my Savior

The days grow colder and shorter as we slowly approach the busy holiday season. Even at school, although Thanksgiving is still so far away, both the children and teachers itch for a break. Just a time to stop and catch our breath from the hectic schedules and demands of the education system.

It doesn’t seem to come quite fast enough.

Yet as the day draws to a close, I sit and reflect on the little things that make this evening so blessed. My tiny town is wrapped in a blanket of silence and darkness; all the residents remain in their homes, recuperating from a hard day’s work.

The house likewise is still, only the gentle chiming of the clock disturbs the quiet hum of the fire. The steam wafts from my mug and onto my nose as I sip and savor the refreshing flavor of warm peppermint tea.

Little things, simple things.

Yet after such a long day, it is a gentle reminder from the One who loves me that He still does. Even when I’m confused and don’t know where to turn, even when I fail time and time again, even when I’m tired from stress and labor...

His love remains steadfast.